Slavisa Pilsen sensational victory ended a series of 11 home games

Without defeat, contrary to succeed themselves out again from the last 22 matches. Plzen started the onslaught, and now in the fourth minute Kolář had a shot over the goal tečovat defender Bortel. Slavia, however, withstood the onslaught and vice versa she went into the lead. Vošahlík another duel with the goalkeeper Kozáčik win, but after 15 minutes showed a nice action Skoda. The lanky striker good use good attacking Zmrhal, came around the three opponents and hilarious shot from behind lime overcame Kozáčik, which probably could have hit better.

Slavisa barely went into the match with favored Pilsen in an unexpected lead, just a really complicated match. A totally unnecessary. Four minutes after the damage ... But just three minutes later he performed "pranks" slavista Juhar. Horváth stuck into it lightly, a Slovak midfielder kidnapped and put in Plzeň captain slapped. JUDGE Kocourek did not hesitate and showed him the red card. Weakened Slavia pulled into defense and Plzen expected fierce conquest.

Although domestic lacked activity, but failed to receive their centers before the goal. It did it to walk that shooting recording found at the back post Ďuriš, but he finished the laxness on the part and the goalkeeper could Čontofalský the ball out of the net to go. Pavel Horvath lies on the ground after a shove Martin Juhar (right), who saw it as a red card.

Plzen received mostly to missiles from afar and mostly inaccurate. Conversely guests threatened a breakaway, but alone Too bad it was hard. In the second half Západočeši chained to his opponent lime and alternating Rajtoral helped galvanize the right side of the offensive, but guests combative performance resisted. Horvath did not succeed with a direct kick from about 18 meters, which sent just next door. Although the pressure was relentless Pilsen, Slavia defense did not do any major mistake and did not let the favorite to vyloženější chance.