Pardubice won three times

Vanya today by television overmanouvers twelve Tiumen from rest to training stables. "Whether at the start of the Great Pardubice meet and where it will be presented again and see who will be the best this year," he sent Vanya opponents. Trains now riding and biking. Sixty neck?

The legendary jockey Josef Vanya's no problem. At the start of the new racing season eightfold winner of the Great Pardubice suffer seriously injured last year ... Last year, Grand Pardubice steeplechase masterfully won ten mare Orphee des Blins with jockey John Faltejsek, the second was a large loss of 16 lengths Ronin Jiri pieces. Vanya had ridden ahead of October's Grand Pardubice just one race since last April, he broke his left femur and had surgery.

Vanya holds the record for number of victories in Great Pardubice, where he gained recognition as a coach. Pardubice won the race for the first time as a thirty-five in 1987 in the legendary saddle Zeleznik, whose back then triumphed three times.

Then, once he won with Vronsky and the year before last with just TIUMEN, with whom he won the two previous editions. His body is perhaps not the bone, which would not have ever broken. Vanya survived clinical death, he suffered a stroke five concussions, had broken every rib, two vertebrae, a collarbone five times, both wrists, jaw bones and many others. In 2009, President Václav Klaus awarded the Medal of Merit II. degree in parliamentary elections in 2010, running for the eighth time the TOP 09 shows Vanya.