Midfield Wizard Pilsner immediately commanded the ground

JUDGE Kocourek did not wait and pulled out the red card. "I got a slap, ie as if pushed me," said Horvath that fall pass. TV expert Pavel Karoch was not sure whether to be in Pilsen exclusive. "I do not know whether it was at that time interrupted the game, but it should be seen that the first one to put his players was Pavel Horvath. Juhar Since then it has been indiscipline," said Karoch. "Emotion tells me that it would be mended yellow card for Juhar and maybe even for Horvath."

Slavisa chafed vain, harsh verdict he could not return. Certainly created a lot of debate whether the judges did not appreciate the treatment more yellow or punish Horvath, who fell to the ground very willingly. Home favorite was anyway way to offset against ten men in red and white for easier understanding ... But the result of the West Bohemian territorial supremacy were mostly centered balls, which are certainly trapped Čontofalský.

"Winning over the first ten people, it is a great feeling. Decided to team performance, we fought for each other. Quite deservedly we made a victorious end," he said after the match in television ratings player Slavia Karol Kisel, "From Juhar it was pranks . i have to thank the players, it's about ten this mastered. it was a match where the Plzen did not give a goal, even if it is played in two days. that match will come sometime to everyone, "he heard after the match Slavia coach Michal Petrouš. Pilsen has so while still leading the table ahead five points ahead of Sparta, however, they have Letenští Sunday's game with Mlada Boleslav to good and can download the deficit to two points. The battle for the title will probably have a lot of interesting and exciting.