ŠPORT Podbrezová - DAC Dunajská Streda

In the 20th and while the initial round of Spring Fortunaligy tied RU Sport Podbrezova with DAC Dunajska Streda-om without inductee 0: 0th

Even before the start of the duel had homemade solutions to problems with assembling the base. Has been unable to muster stopérska pair of crooks - Kostelný. First for yellow cards, the second captain of the team, a warm-up prior to duelom natiahol calf muscle. In the first half-domestic hazardous or, more active forwards showed invitees, but lacked them a chance. The only serious procured extreme Defensemen Dunajska Streda in the 35th minute. Živkovič cross from the right side and from the first he finished Davis, who only narrowly missed uncovered space gates. It was all interesting about what had happened until the end of the first act.

After a break of domestic optically perked up. In the 52nd minute, managed to send them first pole of the bullet between. From a direct free kick from 18 meters severing direct an Podio. He found only place where he stood goalie hosts. A few minutes later, the Argentine legionnaires from the corner centered in a small area, and when the head Vajda. At this time bránkovej line of well struck the donuts. On the opposite side to score could Pačinda. He finished volejom the borders of the great lime immediately adjacent to the pole. Podbrezovčania in slide showed a greater willingness to play, but could ripple network. Good try predviedol Kuzma, but the ball ended up on the design goal.

By Podbrezová nevsietil goal, but it failed even to guests. Horehronci tied with Dunajska Streda without inductee 0: 0th