Sunday, February 5 2017

Tottenham Hotspur - Hull City

Tottenham neste fim de semana em Old Trafford até que sofreu a segunda derrota da temporada, mas agora tem no papel uma oportunidade ideal para voltar às vitórias e também para refutar um monte de vozes críticas que têm como alvo a incapacidade ocasional Spurs desdobrar enfurnado oponente na

Friday, February 3 2017

Slavisa Pilsen sensational victory ended a series of 11 home games

Without defeat, contrary to succeed themselves out again from the last 22 matches. Plzen started the onslaught, and now in the fourth minute Kolář had a shot over the goal tečovat defender Bortel. Slavia, however, withstood the onslaught and vice versa she went into the lead. Vošahlík another duel

Midfield Wizard Pilsner immediately commanded the ground

JUDGE Kocourek did not wait and pulled out the red card. "I got a slap, ie as if pushed me," said Horvath that fall pass. TV expert Pavel Karoch was not sure whether to be in Pilsen exclusive. "I do not know whether it was at that time interrupted the game, but it should be seen that

For three consecutive years does not get title

Which it last happened in the early 80s. But Letenští battle for supremacy still did not give up and Sundays can be successful against Mlada Boleslav return to the game. Slovan Liberec Slovacko try to forget about Wednesday's Cup elimination with Jablonec. Baumit premiere under new coach Roman

England midfielder has gained its header after a corner

Kick and punished so after seven minutes exclusion of Argentines Pablo Zabaleta, who for a foul on McManaman got a second yellow card. Wigan thanks trEF Watson became the holder of 43 Cup trophies. The London club was a while before the finale in a position to clear underdog and moreover stood

Pardubice won three times

Vanya today by television overmanouvers twelve Tiumen from rest to training stables. "Whether at the start of the Great Pardubice meet and where it will be presented again and see who will be the best this year," he sent Vanya opponents. Trains now riding and biking. Sixty neck? The

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